About Daddy D Productions

Daddy D Productions started as a group of friends with a simple idea: good music, good friends, good food and good clean humor! For inspiration, we looked to the great variety shows of years past, added a big helping of Daddy D energy and came up with a winning combination!

Will the public support a show geared toward adults without any explicit language or blue humor? Your answer has been a resounding YES! Eight years and tens of thousands of satisfied customers later, we're still cooking with our Daddy D recipe of great music, fantastic food and a big dash of fun!

Here's what you had to say...

"This show was one of the nicest productions we had ever seen. A tastefully done show with very talented performers. Humorous, but in good taste. The staging, the costumes, the performers and the band were outstanding. This show could be performed on any stage in America, including Broadway, Branson, and Las Vegas.

See you soon... Darren and all your friends at Daddy D Productions!
While you're here, we want you to feel like you're part of a big Daddy D family reunion! The cast will be out to thank you personally right after the last song. Stick around. We'd love to see you! Thanks so much for supporting us since 2006!

— Darren Johnson

The Cast

Always know that we are looking for hidden talent out there. If you or someone you know has what it takes to perform... please let us know. The shows are structured so the most talented folks make the show. Aspiring or seasoned performers are welcome to ask for an audition. Be comfortable in the fact that everyone in the cast has gone through the same process! !